About Solar Cool

We are a company pioneering the use of clean, efficient and ecoenergy solutions for the end user. We thrive for the perceptive usage of solar thermal collection for both commercial and residential cooling and heating applications. Air temperature control and refrigeration are two of the largest consumers of the world's total energy usage. Return on Investment (ROI) is absolutely key in the commercial business sector. For example - A solar PV system generating electricity in any part of the world will produce an ROI of between 5 & 12 years. Conversely, our solar assisted systems on heating, cooling and refrigeration, provide an ROI as low as a matter of months.


The 'Solarcool Group' consists of number of Master Dealers based around the world, Europe / South Africa / Middle East / South America / Caribbean / Philippines / India/ Japan / Australia / Ireland and Solarcool South Africa is based in Gonubie, East London, South Africa.