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Real Time Energy (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                     Reg No:  2010/004369/07

                                                                                     2 Lucas Drive, Hillcrest,

                                                                                     Postnet Suite 21,
                                                                                     Private Bag X 7005,
                                                                                     Hillcrest, 3650
                                                                                     Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

                                                                                     Tel: 031 767 7252
                                                                                     Fax: 086 569 5149

                A brief investigation into the energy reduction impact of a solar assisted air

                                  conditioning unit supplied by Solar Cool SA.

                    W.J. Alistoun MSc(Photovoltaics) BScHons(Physics)BSc(Applied Math & Physics) , S. Worthmann Pr.Eng BSc(Elec Eng)
                                                        January 2014


        With the growing concerns of increased electricity tariffs in South Africa many of the residential, commercial and
        industrial  property  owners  and  investors  are  taking  a  keen  interest  in  lowering  their  overheads  by  reducing  their
        energy bills. This can be achieved by using energy efficient alternatives for lighting, heating, cooling and cooking.
        Solar  assisted  air  conditioning  has  been  introduced  to  the  South  African  market  by  Solar Cool  and  has  shown
         significant potential to reduce HVAC energy costs.

        An energy comparison of two air conditioning units identical in capacity was undertaken for Solar Cool. The first is a
        12000 Btu, variable drive air conditioning unit and the second a 12000 Btu, Solar Cool air conditioning unit which is
        assisted with solar evacuated tube collectors. The testing of the two HVAC systems was done in the server room of
        East London Vinegar in order to verify whether the one air conditioning unit performed more efficiently than the


        Electrical energy measurements were logged on the two air conditioning units. These electrical measurements were
        logged with an Egauge EG 3000 data logging unit. Both units were identically installed in the server room and were
        both programmed to maintain the room at a constant temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. The variable drive air
        conditioning systems’ electrical energy was measured every 5 minutes for 65 days from the 22nd Sep 2013 to the 25th
        Nov 2013. The variable drive air conditioning unit was then replaced with the Solar Cool air conditioning unit. The
        electrical energy consumed was also measured every 5 minutes with the same data logger and was done for 26 days
        from the 27th Nov 2013 the 22nd Dec 2013.

                                                 Director: Shaun Worthmann
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