Single Split Series

VRF Series


Overview of Ductless Split Systems

Ductless Systems

  •  Outdoor unit and up to 5 separate indoor units
  • (Wall and cassettes) installed in every room
  • No central duct system
  • Heat pumps for cooling and heating
  • Capacity 2,6 » 12 kW

Ideal for

  • when no duct work is available, e.g. in appartment buildings
  • when investments in duct work and duct zoning for different rooms and its control shall be avoided
  • when different climates in the various rooms are required


  • Refrigerant (R-410A) – Earth friendly non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Compressor with DC Inverter technology – state of the art technology for high efficiency compressors - for a better control, less power consumption and for a longer lifetime
  • Ductless 1 Split System – One outdoor unit and many silent indoor units producing conditioned and clean air in the room
  • Heatpump system – for cooling and heating in one system
  • Error indicating light – to identify the problems within the system quickly and accurately
  • Overload protection – ensures compressor is running safely
  • Anti–freezing protection – Pre-programmed control logic keeps coils from freezing and enhances lifetime
  • Low Ambient control – By installing a head pressure control (installed on “C” systems), the unit can operate down to zero degrees
  • Active carbon electrostatic fiber and Micro Plasma Ion generator – improves indoor air quality by eliminating house hold contaminants that threaten your health such as viruses, dust, bacteria and molds

  • Golden fin Coated – with anti corrosion golden layer on the coils to improve performance.
  • Auto restart and memory function – no loss of settings due to power failures
  • 3 speed control indoor fan – to change the fan speed to 3 different settingsto accommodate your needs. Helps to control humidity levels when cooling may not be needed
  • Auto Fan mode – starts in high fan speed and automatically adjusts downward as room reaches set temperatures
  • Turbo fan – to cool or heat your room quickly
  • Swing function – allows the louver of the indoor unit to enhance the air distribution throughout the room
  • Dry mode – helps to control humidity levels when cooling may not be needed
  • 24-Hour timer – allows the unit to start and stop as desired. Sleep function adjusts the temperature while sleeping to make the room more comfortable
  • 2 Year Limited All Parts Warranty


Air cooled screw chiller 50Hz

Air Cooled Chillers Fan Coil Units 50Hz


VRF Systems - Commercial Applications

VRF Systems

  • 1 Outdoor unit and up to 26 separate indoor unit
  • Many indoor types for nearly every application: cassettes, ducts with low pressure or high pressure, floor/ceiling, wall mounted
  • Every indoor unit may be controlled separately
  • One large pipe from the outdoor unit and branches to every indoor unit
  • Heat pumps for cooling and heating
  • Capacity 8 -> 45 kW
  • May be combined to larger capacity

Ideal for

  • Larger applications like hotels, shops, supermarkets, gas-stations, malls, offices, restaurants
  • When no duct work is available or shall not be built
  • When different climates in the various rooms are required